Disk benchmarking by bonnie++ in Linux

Bonnie++ would possibly be come with your install, you could either get it by “yum install bonnie++” (Fedora/CentOS) or “apt-get install bonnie++” (Ubuntu/Debian) or install it via source (link here)

So once bonnie++ is installed you could start the test by doing.root@host:/tmp# bonnie++ -m test-box -u root -x 3 -d /tmp/ -s 1024 -r 512 | bon_csv2html > result.html
Using uid:0, gid:0.
Writing a byte at a time…Can’t process: format_version,bonnie_version,name,file_size,io_chunk_size,putc,putc_cpu,put_block,put_block_cpu,rewrite,rewrite_cpu,getc,getc_cpu,get_block,get_block_cpu,seeks,seeks_cpu,num_files,max_size,min_size,num_dirs,file_chunk_size,seq_create,seq_create_cpu,seq_stat,seq_stat_cpu,seq_del,seq_del_cpu,ran_create,ran_create_cpu,ran_stat,ran_stat_cpu,ran_del,ran_del_cpu,putc_latency,put_block_latency,rewrite_latency,getc_latency,get_block_latency,seeks_latency,seq_create_latency,seq_stat_latency,seq_del_latency,ran_create_latency,ran_stat_latency,ran_del_latency
Writing intelligently…done
Reading a byte at a time…done
Reading intelligently…done
start ’em…done…done…done…done…done…
Create files in sequential order…done.
Stat files in sequential order…done.
Delete files in sequential order…done.
Create files in random order…done.
Stat files in random order…done.
Delete files in random order…done.

-m test-box : -m is the option to control name presented in report.

-u : root means you want it be executed with root privilege. If you want to use something else, just make sure that particular user have the write privileges to the directory specified in option -d.

-d : means the directory you want to be running on, which means the file system have to be mounted prior to the run.

-x 3 : means it will be executed 3 times so that we can pick a fair value.

bon_csv2html > result.html : Bonnie++ would only generate result in CSV format which is no good for presentation purpose. bon_csv2html do the dirty job for you to convert CSV to HTML. We add the redirection here to save the output to a static file for future retrieval. If you prefer TXT report instead of HTML report, you would want to go with bon_csv2txt.


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