Various Usage of Shell Script

These have only been tested on linux, but most should work on any UNIX.
For development history see

Name Description Type
l An enhanced and more portable `ls -l` shell list processes by memory usage python
crudini handle ini files from shell python
findrepo find a string in a repository working copy shell
newest list newest (modified) files in tree shell
timeout run a command with a timeout shell
truncate truncate a file to the specified size shell
split_to run a command with chunks of input shell
sw simple command line stopwatch script shell
gcccpuopt get optimum gcc options for your CPU shell
whatrequires list reverse dependencies on rpm or deb distros python
fix edit a file while not changing the modification time shell
idiff colour diff output for easy review shell convert ANSI colours to HTML shell
errno show all errnos or meaning of specified errno shell
inpy enhanced python interactive introspection python
dutop better du python
add sum a column of numbers. See also funcpy shell
find_mm_yyyy list files last modified in mm yyyy shell
disk_grep find a string in a disk device shell
svndiff review svn repo changes with graphical diff viewer shell
xchat_warn popup message when referenced directly in xchat python
ximkeys show keys available in X to generate a character python loopback mount partitions within a disk image file shell
tcpdump_not_me Allow running tcpdump on remote system over ssh shell
ccodes list country codes in locale database shell display all ANSI colours shell
funcpy functional command line toolkit python
bc invoke bc with some useful functions predefined bc
getpw Shows how to securely prompt for a password shell
command_prompt_here Open a terminal in current/selected directory in nautilus python
xfullmag Start xmag full screen with specified magnification shell
sysinfo show a quick summary of system hardware shell convert numbers for human consumption python
dosfiles find text files with any CRLF line terminators shell
day display the date for {this,next,last} {mon,tue,…} shell
datedir set date of directory based on contents shell
lsdate print date (of file) as ls would shell
lsmode print file permissions in octal (like chmod accepts) shell
bashfeed generate feed for newest files in website (example) shell
threadsafe search C/C++ files for functions that are not threadsafe shell
moz open specified file in mozilla shell
sematree lock files with semaphore interface shell
download Download list of URLs from file with history shell
quote reformat misquoted mail shell
gen_timeline generate page for newest files in website (example) shell
lowercase efficiently change any uppercase names in tree shell
rmws remove redundant whitespace from files shell
conv simple wrapper around units shell e.g. script to show self modifying shell
7seg e.g. script to show self referencing shell

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